We will be back in August. We are currently finishing a new barn and paddock system for our hogs as well as finishing our own farm store...there's just too much going on right now!

Heritage Ground Beef: Bulk (10lbs)


10 x 1lb packs

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10lbs of our heritage ground beef in 1lb packs. All of our beef is from our heritage cattle (Galloway and Piedmontese) raised on our farm on pasture with fresh running creeks!

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Weight 160 oz

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-Heritage breed livestock
-Raised birth-to-butcher on our farm
-Sustainably raised (we save/repurpose over 700k TONS of brewers grains, apple pommace, vegetables, and fruits in our operation per year)
– local, local, local. We only use hay and grains raised on our farm or by small family farms within 25 miles of the farm! When you support us, you support a whole local family farming community.

More details about our history and principles below!
Birch Creek Farmery is founded on the principles of old-fashioned hard work, sustainability, and respect for the animals and land. Four generations back, our great grandparents purchased the farm to milk dairy cattle. They hand milked about a dozen cows to make a living, raised their own hogs, butchered their own chickens, and used horses to work the land. Well aware of the lifeline the animals and land provided for them, they never wasted a gallon of milk, a minute of their time, or any edible part of an animal they butchered. Nearly 100 years later, we maintain our identity and gratefulness for these roots.

We aim to go beyond raising cuts of meat to raising animals that can wholly, sustainably, and cleanly be used in full towards nourishment for the Pittsburgh area. Bones are collected for bone broth, hides are shared with another ethical farm for pelts and leather, meat feeds families, and fat is rendered into premium products for cosmetics and cooking staples.

We have put a lot of time and creative thinking into developing and implementing ranching methods that coalesce with the natural environment. We use pigs to aerate our soil, goats and sheep to maintain the land, and cows to decrease the parasite load on fields. Poultry dine on insects and pests, Muscovy duck reduce fly populations, and every pasture at BCF has fresh, underground springs for water supply.

We are working side by side with our animals each and every day through rain, wind, snow, and sunshine. In doing this, we develop a deep level of respect for what the land and our animals provide for everyone. We are committed to immensely reducing waste of resources and animals in our production style, reconnecting with what is on our plate, and remaining committed to producing wholesome, clean, ethically raised food.

We hope you join us!